Cloud Telephony Services

Cloud Telephony Services

Cloud phone technology is the technology that moves your company phone system into the cloud. It is the most intelligent way to handle company calls without compromising on quality and price. Cloud phone systems guarantee scalable and reliable access to unified business communication for companies without the burden of setting up infrastructure or extra uses.
Cloud telephony solutions for all Industries
Build your own call center on the cloud sans any infrastructure. Safeguard your customers’ privacy by masking their personal phone numbers Provide bulk virtual number for marketplaces and marketing campaigns Missed call numbers to garner instant customer feedback Automate and schedule routine or campaign based SMS/Calls Secure transactions with OTP authentication via SMS/Calls

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Please contact our dedicated team at TechVue to assist you sign up and configure a Cloud Telephonic services.

How to render services for Cloud Telephonic services

We provide end-to-end Cloud Telephonic services that cover all development life cycle phases from requirement analysis to project implementation and maintenance.
Quick Setup
All you need is a computer and internet connection to get began with cloud telephony. No extra hardware, mobile phones or license needed.
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Complete Control
From your browser, you can create fast adjustments to your scheme. No more need for an IT team.
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Scale at Ease
Your business telephone system will develop with you as you develop. You can continue to add customers, virtual numbers and call flows with cloud telephony systems as you develop, without worrying about the infrastructure.
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Cost Effective
No infrastructure, installation or maintenance expenditure. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop.
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